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   Dr. Laura Rowe knows what it takes to be healthy and feel great. Her lifestyle epitomizes the fitness and healthy habits that she preaches to her patients. As a mother of 2 children and chiropractor in Cornell for over 20 years, she has seen it all - personally, and in the lives of her patients - and has figured out the secret of how to feel great.

   Too many people go through life living with pain and discomfort, stressed to the max with no thought that their bodies can feel better.. Upon meeting Dr. Laura, you'll know she has it figured out. She has competed in many multi-day, international adventure races, as well as 3 Boston Marathons, multiple trail ultra-marathons and cycling races of 50-400miles. If you live in Markham, you will have seen her training on the road, trails or in the gym. She knows what it's like to be injured, and she knows what it's like to balance work, children and fitness. Most importantly, she knows how to use her many years of experience and expertise to help you maximize your health. Dc. Rowe is a register member of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario ( )




Dr. Richard Alexander has a tremendous way of motivating his patients to achieve their health goals. As a graduate of Syracuse University, where he attended on a full soccer scholarship, he still has a passion for the game. He currently plays, coaches and mentors other coaches to help their athletes achieve higher levels. Dr. Richard has personally helped countless soccer players obtain university scholarships in his spare time. He is a believer in what he calls "active health" - creating a team between the patient, himself and other practitioners - to make an individualized program to return the patient to healthy living. You will routinely hear him in the office speaking with athletes from soccer, football, track and field, hockey and/or basketball where it is obvious that he understands the importance of both the physical and sport psychological aspect to recovery. High school and Rep Club coaches refer athletes to him, knowing that he will return them to the game mentally and physically stronger. Dr. Richard has an engaging personality and has done many motivational and leadership speaking engagements for businesses, sports clubs, as well as the City of Markham. Dc. Alexander is a register member of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario            ( )




Gloria grew up alongside many different Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, and has spent over 10 years treating patients with massage therapy and traditional Chinese acupuncture. She has worked in many different clinical settings, gaining experience alongside chiropractors, physiotherapists and rehab therapists.

Gloria has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and physiology and easily tailors her massage and acupuncture treatments to her patients' needs. She excels in the treatment of headaches, arthritis, sciatica and overall muscle tightness - common massage therapy complaints. Gloria is also very skilled in helping with insomnia, acne, sinusitis, asthma, stomach pain and gynecological problems. Maintaining the body and educating her patients on the necessary steps to reach their optimal health goals is her primary objective.

Gloria is qualified in: Swedish Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping and Guasha. Gloria is a register member of the CMTO ( )

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Eric is a registered massage therapist who graduated from Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy. Before massage, Eric got his Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience at Brock University where he also played on the varsity men's soccer team for five years. From a young age, Eric has always been involved in sports such as soccer, volleyball, cross country and ultimate Frisbee. His athletic background paired with his passion for helping people, steered Eric into a career in massage therapy.

Eric uses a variety of manual techniques in his practice such as trigger point work, muscle energy techniques, myofascial work, and joint mobilizations. He uses his scientific background to incorporate an evidence based approach in his treatments. He enjoys teaching and informing his clients how to move pain free with exercise prescription to accompany his manual techniques. He believes that a combination of manual therapy and exercise is vital for rehabilitation. As a previous swim instructor, Eric understands the importance of individualized treatment plans and takes everything into consideration for the clients needs. In his spare time, Eric can be found training for his triathlons, weight lifting, watching soccer, and anything else outdoors.

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